Getting the Right Shower Enclosures for Your Bathroom

Most people struggle when it comes to shower enclosures. These are simple pieces of hardware yet they are made overly complicated by the silliest of things. However, you need a shower enclosure because it creates the perfect finish you want for your bathroom. So, how can you get the right enclosure? Here are a few things you may want to consider when choosing a new shower enclosure.

Is THE Glass Safe?

When someone hears a shower enclosure is glass they often look horrified and turn away however, most enclosures aren’t standard glass. The glass can be tempered or made from fibre glass which means they are a lot safer to use in homes than regular glass. The reason why is simple, if the glass were to break, it wouldn’t shatter into smaller cubic pieces and would be much safer. This is something many people don’t realise and choose an alternative to a glass enclosure but they are a great option to consider. Shower enclosures have become a lot safer over the years with most on the market adhering to British, European or US safety standards or the glass displays a Kite Mark.

What Shower Trays Are Best?

Shower trays are just as important as the enclosure and you need to understand which is going to be most suited to your space. You need to take a moment to think about which type of shower trays are going to work for your bathroom and the style you are going for also. There are plenty of great shower trays that will fit into most bathrooms and you need to carefully consider the one you choose. Consider stone resin, ABS Fibreglass or Resin Mix trays. All have there advantages and disadvantages in terms of weight, strength and ease of fitting.

A Mixer Shower Work Best for Most Homes

You of course want to choose the right shower enclosures for the shower but you also need to carefully consider the type of shower you will install. Now mixer shower units are really good because they offer every home simplicity and ease of use. Also, mixers are a lot less costly than what they used to be, even with built in anti-scald features, meaning most can now afford one. Both the concealed and wall mounted bar showers are very reliable and are probably a top choice for you. Find out related information here.

Stick To Your Gut Instincts

Whether you are looking for an enclosure or shower tray, you need to listen to what your head is telling you. There are going to be plenty of times when you pick out the unit for your bathroom and are all set to buy it when you catch a glimpse of another shower and think maybe that is best but there is some lingering doubt. Listen to that doubt because in all probability it’s your first choice that was best!

Creating the Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the toughest areas within a home to get right simply because it has to be both beautiful and practical and sometimes the two don’t go well together. However, once you take your time to understand what you want and need, creating a beautiful new bathroom shouldn’t be that difficult. Shower enclosures are just as important and shower trays; always choose carefully.

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