Essential Handicap Bathroom Equipment

In times past, having a bathroom adapted for the disabled was considered something amazing, a differential of establishments ahead of its time. The point is that the accessibility mindset has matured together with the best bathroom towel radiators, as has the craving of the disabled population to demand and enjoy their rights. From this recognition, laws have also been created.

Bathroom mirrors and much more for the disabled

* Accessible toilets must always be signposted and located near the places of greater circulation where there are also the conventional bathrooms with bathroom mirrors. For aid or emergency reasons, they must not be in isolated places and at most 50 meters from any building site;

* These bathrooms must have an entrance independent of the others, in order to allow the handicapped to use the bathroom accompanied by another person;

* In places of sports practice, therapy and others, it is suggested the installation of accessible surplus locker rooms next to the collective bathrooms as well as bathroom radiators;

* It is recommended the installation of a children’s basin to serve children and people of short stature;

* In buildings of collective use to be enlarged or renovated, with up to two floors and a constructed area of up to 150 square meters, the accessible bathroom can be located in only one floor.

What else should be in a bathroom for the disabled?

An accessible bathroom is composed of several equipment such as bathroom towel radiators. The equipment that complement each other to give greater comfort, safety and autonomy for disabled people, elderly, pregnant women and other people with reduced mobility are essential. There is much to know about them and their many applications according to each situation. Therefore, the detailed knowledge of the law is indispensable for any professional in the area, as well as for those responsible for public and private establishments that need to comply with the standard and have bathroom towel radiators.

* Support bars can be fixed or hinged, “L” or “U” and must support load over 150 kg. When made of metallic material, its components must be resistant to corrosion. Example of a conventional basin with bottom support bar and 90o in the side wall there is room for creativity and good taste when designing an accessible bathroom. Architects and decorators are experts in the subject and, combined, can achieve amazing results. It is also important to have safe bathroom mirrors.

Other important details on the matter

It is important to stress that the toilet is only part of the need of the handicapped or person with reduced mobility. Having an accessible path to it is as important as it is no good to have a perfectly fit interior if it is on the second floor and there is no way for a wheelchair to win a flight of stairs. Therefore, accessibility needs to be thought of as a whole, with comings and goings, with beginning, middle and end. Only then, the users will be able to take full advantage of their space. Stairlifts and residential or commercial lifts are the perfect solution to meet these needs, plus having safe equipment such as bathroom mirrors is also a must.

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