Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Add Fun To The Bathroom

When you’re tired of your boring old bathroom but can’t afford a complete re-do, think about some new bathroom accessories. They probably won’t completely camouflage the Pepto Bismol pink tile, but they can go a long way towards making it look less conspicuous. Checkout my latest blog post for more Decorative bathroom accessories that can be found in most big box stores and fancy bath shops. Matching shower curtains, towels, trash cans, and soap dispensers are just a few of the things you can find.

If your bathroom is not completely tiled, an inexpensive way to update is by painting. If that is not in your budget, a new shower curtain and some matching accessories will give it a fresh new look. Check out the outlet stores or places like Marshalls or T.J. Maxx. I bought some posh bath mats for very little money on the clearance tables. You can incorporate a neutral color into almost any décor. If you are crafty, a bed sheet will make a beautiful shower curtain and may even be enough for a window valance depending on the size of the sheet. Use the shower curtain liner as a pattern and get an inexpensive grommet kit to punch the holes. This is so easy, and it looks custom done.

I am a huge fan of shopping your own house and re purposing items that you already own. A nice basket of display towels gives a spa feeling to the ordinary bathroom. Clear glass containers to house your cotton balls, swabs and bath salts further enhance the spa atmosphere. Add some plants, scented candles, and fancy soaps and you’re all set. Use a pretty crystal dish to display soaps. If you don’t have one, yard sales are a great source. My china cabinet is full of pretty things I seldom use and I’ll bet your is too, so get them out and find a new use for them.view other details at

Sometimes storage is a problem. Our house is old, and there were no cabinets except for the medicine cabinet. I found a covered basket to store extra toilet paper and a small cabinet for cleaning supplies and extra toiletries. It was gathering dust in a spare bedroom, and now it keeps things neatly out of sight in the bathroom. Use your imagination and look at things you already own with a fresh eye.

Bathroom Accessories

Changing a towel ring, toilet paper holder and cabinet hardware is simple, inexpensive and a good way to get a new look. Many of these can be purchased cheaply from Amazon. Lots of home improvement stores have packages of these items that coordinate. Places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond always have decorative bathroom accessories. You can coordinate everything from towels to shower curtain rings to a fancy little trash can. You can choose almost any theme and find bathroom accessories that will fill the bill.

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